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Sometimes the doors don’t have to be closed manually so what is the best suggestion; door closers and sometimes the doors must be held open in special degrees, so we can use door closers model DE-88 (HO). Today door closer is one of the attractive door technologies.

These different kinds of door closers are really suitable for the special places like hospitals, offices, shops and some other areas with the numerous pedestrian traffic too. In some shops or places the doors must be held open during the opening hours so the (HO) models (Hold Open) could be useful. The correct door closer will largely depend upon the function of the door and how the building is used.

We, Deutschtec GmbH always offer you the best matching solution.


Rack and Pinion Door Closer with Adjustable closing force EN2-5

  • Fully hydraulically controlled adjustable closing speed in two independent ranges (120 ◦ -15◦ and 15◦-0◦)
  • Non handed design
  • With standard arm
  • With track arm
  • Maximum door weight-upto 100 kg
  • Maximum door width-1250mm
  • Finish:Silver
  • Adjustable back check
  • Adjustable delayed action (optional)

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