One-way tunnel doors provide a high level of security for customers.

This security system provides a high volume of traffic without compromising controlled access.

One-way tunnel automatic door features:

  1. Anti-return flow
  2. Separation of safe and unsafe areas
  3. Beautiful and user-friendly design
  4. High Security
  5. Can be used by all people, including the disabled
  6. Advanced detection and control technology

The OneFlow is a security passage system that guides human traffic in a specific direction and prevents it from changing course in the opposite direction.

Overview Construction
Every OneFlow includes a tunnel with two double swing doors at the entrance and the exit. Additionally, two complete door drives with a control electronic, a plc for the overall control, and some sensors

Standars One Way Tunnel
Length 3000 mm
Overall height 2400 mm
Walkway height 2100 mm
Outer body constructed of 8 mm laminated glass and the door wings are of 6 mm
Steel inner construction
Steel/ aluminum outer construction
Finish powder-coated RAL 9006
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