Automatic folding doors are designed to save space and provide convenient access in various settings. They are often used in areas where a traditional swinging door or sliding door may not be practical due to limited space. Automatic folding doors can be found in both commercial and residential applications.
These doors are equipped with a mechanism that allows them to fold in on themselves when opening and unfold when closing, which reduces the space needed for the door to operate.

Padrões FO240
Height 2200 mm
Opening width 2200 mm
Cover height 180 mm
Width 2200 mm
Maximum glass thickness 6 mm
Maximum leaves weight Maximum 150 kg (4x 37.5 kg)
Operational speed 0.7 m/s
Passage width(G) up to 2200 mm
Dimensions of drive unit
(support length (F) = 2A + 100)
180 / 240 mm
Main voltage 230 V/50/60 Hz
Housing and door leaves 30 mm (glass up to 6 mm)
Surface finishes Coloured
Options of assembly wall or beam assembly